Cristina Chaminade is a full professor in Innovation Studies at the Faculty of Economics and Management at Lund University. She holds a bachelor degree in Economics from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), Spain with a major in Structural and Development Economics and a PhD in Economics from the UAM/University of Sao Paulo (Brazil). Her PhD thesis on innovation and knowledge flows in the Spanish ICT industry was awarded as the best thesis in Economics by the University.

For more than 25 years she has been working on innovation and development. Her main research interests are on globalization of innovation -particularly global innovation networks- and innovation systems in developing countries. Throughout the years she has had the opportunity of doing research in China, India, South Africa, Thailand, and Brazil, among others.  In her research, she has been mainly interested in how firms, regions and nations create and use knowledge for innovation when knowledge is globally distributed, and how policies can be designed to support innovation in a global context.

In more recent times, she has taken a special interest in investigating the positive and negative relationship between innovation and sustainable development. Of particular concern are the impact that the global patterns of production and consumption are having on the environment particularly in terms of biodiversity loss. Bringing together insights from ecological economics, sustainability studies and innovation studies, she  currently investigates the emergence and development of social-ecological innovations and its relationship with institutional change and system transformation.

She has been advisor of international organizations such as the European Commission, UNCTAD, OECD and UN-ECLAC and published in international journals, refereed books and handbooks in the fields of innovation, development studies and knowledge management like Research Policy, Industry and Innovation, World Development, Innovation and Development and European Planning Studies.

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